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How to make Healthy body for leading to a better life

How to make Healthy body for leading to a better life
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If your body was as happy as you are, don’t you think it would be a lot easier to live a healthy life? What if your body had mood swings as you do and gets upset like you do? Would it be a better way to live? A healthy body will lead you to a happier life as your body is the place you live in, your health is the vehicle that drives you through life and you so here’s some keys that will help you live a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Early riser

Health and lifestyle has always been related to one another. How? Your need to have a healthy body will force you to change your lifestyle. Let us start with yoga or daily morning jogs. The body starts working in the morning after resting from 7 to 8 hours of sleep, it is the best time for exercising according to research. To keep the body healthy, waking up early in the morning is very important. There’s an old phrase “Early to bed, early to rise keeps a man healthy wealthy and wise” that clearly explains how important it is to rise early, which leads to going to bed early which is a great habit. Waking up early in the morning will cause you to get more of day light and a lot more time than waking up late would give you. Which definitely helps you take out time for a lot of things you were planning to do. Here are some basic advantages of waking up early

  • Fit mentality – waking up early reduces stress level and cancels the need to rush in the morning. You get more time to do the morning chores and have a peaceful start of your day!
  • Better sleep quality- For waking up early, going to bed early is essential. Hence, the body gets better sleep and rests well as it adapts the daily routine of going to bed early.
  • Productive mind- a research by Texas university says that students who rise early has more chances of doing better results than those who sleep till late.
  • Better skin and metabolism– the earlier you wake up the faster you get to excrete the waste from last night which causes a better stomach throughout the day. Also, as waking up early reduces stress level, it leads to a better glowing skin and reduces the amount of unwanted pimples and oil on the skin


Early Rising for good health


A balanced diet

It is very important that your body is getting all it needs, neither more nor less. Consuming the perfect amount of sugar, carbohydrate, minerals and protein is very important. In short, a balanced diet is the main key to a healthier body, leading to a happier life. Did you know that consuming food that include probiotics, like yoghurt, can actually brighten up the mood and it is also good for the stomach. The nutrients we put in our body can have a major effect on our mood. You might have often heard that eating dark chocolate can actually reduce stress. This is because dark chocolate contains polyphenols that manages anxiety and helps you be calm.Also, carbs actually help produce good bacteria in our stomach which helps to get into a better mood? Here is a list of food that can help to reduce stress and lead to a peaceful happy mind throughout the day


  • Black beans – black beans are filled with iron, fibre, copper, zinc and potassium which is essential for the body and is part of the balanced diet. Black bean also produces the hormone, serotonin, that helps us be happy.


  • Whole grain bread- carbs help deal with our hormonal swings and so we end up craving carbs like whole grain breads to ease our mood.


  • Beetroot – beetroot contains betaine that helps serotonin production in our brain that makes our mood better eventually.


  • Berries – dark coloured berries like blue berries help reduce fat by more than 70% in the body which helps brighten up mood.




Exercising, as much as keeps the body healthy, also brightens up your mood and makes the skin better. Exercising helps sweat your skin and so the unwanted excessive oil gets out, leading to a brighter glowing skin. Most effective exercise that leads to peaceful mind is yoga. Yoga helps ease your mind and makes you calm so that you can deal with tough situation in an easy way. Most people choose yoga as it comes in very handy and works in pairs that help work out all of the body step by step. Starting from children to adults till old aged people, exercise is always recommended by doctors for a healthier body and lifestyle. Here’s somebenefits that you might get from exercising

  • Better mood- exercising helps to reduce stress, anxiety or initiation of depression, hence leading to a better mood throughout the day. The body getting used to a daily routine of exercising is very healthy and flexible with better immune system and digestive system.


  • Stronger bones and muscles- exercising leads to stronger bones and muscles. Regular habit of exercising helps reduce muscle loss and maintain strength and activity in the old age.


We talked about all the good things that can make our health better leading to a better and happier life. Now let’s have a look at the things that can disrupt our health and cause pain and difficulties in life leading a stressful and hectic life.





A very bad habit that causes problems in everyway and doesn’t lead to anything positive is smoking tobacco. Any level of smoking is injurious to health causing major problems like cancer and also can ruin both the lungs. Smokers are addicted to tobacco as many believe that it helps them reduce stress where as, the most healthy way of reducing stress is exercising and waking up early as mentioned before.


Smoking is dangerous for health


Consuming excessive junk food

A study published in the American journal of clinical nutrition in 2011 concluded that eating junk oily food regularly can Detroit memory. Junk food contains trans fat that sends mixed signals to the brain confusing it how much have been eaten and if the body still needs food. And hence , the person ends up craving more and there’s an increase of appetite that leads to consumption of food that is not needed by the body. Moreover, consuming junk food might also cause dehydration as the body needs a lot of energy to break down the junk food. This will easily make a person sick and unhealthy making the days worse for them.


Junk Food


Lazy life style

Being lazy and eliminating exercise and movement from the daily routine will cause severe problems like back pain poor muscles and weak bones over time. Sitting for a long time in office or lying in bed for the entire day are cause the muscles to get used to not moving and sudden movements might cause muscle pulls.



Relationship between health and lifestyle

All the above points explain how our health plays a very big role in our lifestyle. Maintenance of a healthy body will automatically cause you to live a healthy lifestyle that will make you happy and live longer. Putting yourself in a daily healthy routine will bring you peace and deal with life with ease. A healthy life leads to a happy life.



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