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Happy Doctor’s Day. History, Message, Wishes

Happy Doctor’s Day. History, Message, Wishes
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Physician is one of the most famous professions from the ancient times. Undoubtedly doctors play an essential role in each one of our lives.

I am sure,every parent has dreamed of making their son or daughter a doctor at least once in their life.

Most of the adults of these times also wished to become a doctor when they were a child. Many of them have been able to become one and some dropped out. Not everybody who wishes to be a doctor can actually become one. There are a lot of factors to consider to become a successful physician.


Preparing Oneself For Medical Studies

At first, from a very young age you have to work hard so that you can score eligible marks to take Science in high school. But taking science is really not enough, you must continue to study and understand every Science subject, especially biology, since that’s the most prioritized subject in the medical career.

Now, to go on with your aim of becoming a doctor, the second step is to pass your 10th and 12th grade with flying colors. After this, the actual struggle of a medical student begins!

It starts from going to tuition classes to any renowned coaching centre, which would possibly be expensive and finally getting an admission to an university by scoring their required marks in the admission test.

This career is not only about being adamant on one’s goal, it is also about a matter of financial support. Even after a hard try during the admission test, if you don’t get admission in the government medical colleges, you can still dream of becoming a doctor if you are financially able to take up the expenses of a private medical institution with a lesser grade requirement.

Sadly everybody isn’t fortunate enough to bear the fat fees of any well-known private institute. Some, never giving up students chooses the option to wait for a year and come up with a better preparation to win the government institution’s admission test battle.

Hence, those who are destined to be a doctor, they do become one after overcoming all these hurdles.


Toughness Of Medical Profession

A medical graduate must be thinking they acquired all the success by graduating with astonishing results. Alas! You have more test to pass!

The test could be, whether you are getting chosen by the physician under whom you want to complete your internship. After the internship, what’s next? Is there any vacancy for the position you want to apply? Are you getting hired?

By conquering all the defeats and avoiding all the uncertainties you finally get a job. Now working with all your heart can help you to reach a height in your medical career and give you a result worth waiting for.

In honour to this profession, people celebrate Doctor’s Day.


Who Started Doctor’s Day?

This day was first celebrated in the United States of America on March 30, in the year 1933, in Winder Georgia. Dr. Charles B. Almond’s wife Eudora Brown Almond established this day to express gratitude to the doctors all around for their noble work of saving lives.

This celebration was carried out with some thoughtful gestures like, sending virtual wishes via mail, putting flowers on the graves of the doctors, who passed away.

Doctor’s Day was made an International holiday by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the international medical humanitarian organization, Medicines Sans Frontieres.

This organization is sponsored by the United States, it gives a helping hand to the sufferers of the naturally occurred accidents, wars and pandemics, in more than 80 countries surrounding the world.

Different Dates Of Doctor’s Day

Countries like Iran, celebrates Doctor’s Day on 23rd August and Cuba celebrates on 3rd December.

Indiansstarted National Doctor’s Day in 1991. They celebrate this day on 1st July as a tribute to the extraordinary physician, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was also the second Chief Minister of West Bengal.

This trend of observing Doctor’s Day on 1stJuly in India started decades ago. The reason behind celebrating it on 1st July is special, because it is the birthday as well as the death anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. He was born in the year 1882 and died at the age of 80, in the year 1962. In India, Doctor’s Day holds a theme based celebration.

In many countries around the world, International Doctor’s Day is celebrated on a different day. It is celebrated on the first Monday of the month October, it is also the day of unity of all the doctors around the globe.

Role Of A Doctor

A doctor’s first priority is his/ her patients, they believe in treating their patients under any circumstances, at any time.

A doctor always remembers that he/she is a doctor before any other relations. It takes a lot of sacrifices and honesty towards its patient to justify his/her job.

Doctors are always given the education of treating their patients without any limitation. Their role in society is very significant. These essential workers, works all day and night, away from their home and family to treat people.

You can judge a doctor’s loyalty towards its profession by giving a keen observation to the current situation of the world. Yes! I am talking about the deadly corona virus, this Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 has shown us, to what extend a doctor can go to save somebody’s life.

Things That Are DoneOn Doctor’s Day

Since this day is about the warriors of the society, then why not encourage them? You can simply touch their heart by writing “thank you” note for their contribution.

Hospital’s head committee organizes acknowledgment ceremony in the honour of the doctors. Best doctors are appreciated for their outstanding work and awards are given to boost up their dedication towards their job. 

The idea of inviting recovered patients to say something about the doctors treated them, could be in fact a very creative idea. This would add more meaning to a doctor when they get to hear genuine praise from their beloved patients.

A get together party of the all the doctors of the society could be a nice idea for a delightful and relaxing treat for the doctors. 



I am sure none of you want to miss out a chance to make these amazing beings feel special about their work. So celebrate Doctor’s Day in the best way possible. Just remember what the circumstances would be right now, if doctors weren’t near to the Covid-19 victims.

Doctors are taking up all headaches so that people like you and I can have a proper healthy life. Their all kinds of sacrifices are certainly praiseworthy!



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