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Bachelor party ideas ,Bachelor party games ,Bachelor party foods ideas ,Bachelor party gift ideas .

Bachelor party ideas ,Bachelor party games ,Bachelor party foods ideas ,Bachelor party gift ideas .
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Bachelor parties are parties that is thrown for a man who is about to get married, usually hosted by his friends and only men can attend the party. This is a way of celebrating their last days of bachelorhood. Many people enjoy this party in a grand way with a lot of preparation or many just do it with close friends.

There are many ways of celebrating a party as the most important thing is the person the party is thrown for, is enjoying. Parties vary in many ways but here is a list of ways of how a bachelor party can be celebrated and some ideas about making the party more colourful.


Bachelor party hosting spots

A very important thing about hosting a bachelor party is picking the correct spot. Many people prefer throwing the bachelor party as a surprise for the groom. So it is important to pick a correct spot. Even if it is not a surprise, for people attending the party it is important for them to feel comfortable and be in the proper mood to party. There are many places where a fun bachelor party can be hosted. Here are some ideas

  •  Apartment hall -  if the party is arranged for a lot of people with a bunch of food arrangements, the party should be arranged indoors as there might be chances of rain or snow or any storm that might kill the party. For a lot of people, the more open the space the better. So halls can be booked in your own apartment if possible, for a perfect environment.


  • On the roof - if it is not planned for a lot of people, or if you have access to a big terrace, then definitely it can be used to host an amazing bachelor party. Food and drinks can be kept under a shade or umbrella, with music and some patio furniture, you will definitely be able to make up a good party environment.


  • Beach – usually it is not possible to get access to a beach as empty for you to host a party but after sunset if you can arrange a private spot on the beach, it definitely will be a great party environment. With food and music and a summer theme beach party, you definitely will be in the mood to dance or maybe go have a midnight swim in the ocean , maintaining proper safety of course. With proper lights, sitting arrangement, food and music, it will be a great place to celebrate the last days of bachelorhood for the groom.


  • Pool party – nothing is more refreshing than having pool time with friends and food. It can be a summer theme pool party with tropical fruits, fried chicken and fries, pizza mini hamburger and chips,  with a lot of fresh fruit juice and cola.


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Bachelor party decorations and themes

It is important that the party is well decorated and colourful. The decoration speaks for the theme and the life of the party. Decorations are usually based on a theme, many also use colourful plastic cups and also corks for decoration. Football or any other sports can also be used as a theme. Many just simply decorate with balloons or flowers but mostly a lot of lighting is used. Colourful lights make the party spot bright and lively. Fairy lights or bulbs are used and hung from the ceiling walls.



Bachelor party games

Parties are always better with games! A group of friends sitting together in a room filled with music and food, playing games just completes the scenario isn’t it? Let us check out a list of games that can be played in a bachelor party to make it a lot more enjoyable!

  • Story whispers –where a group sits together and speaks their most embarrassing stories
  • Spin the bottle – a group sits in a circle and spins a bottle in the middle, who ever the tip of the bottle points, is either given a truth where they have to answer any question asked truthfully of a dare, where he has to perform any task given to him by any of the other player.
  • Funny story –where every player has to tell a funny story about the groom
  • Never have I ever- a group sits in a circle and one by one tells a thing that they have never ever done, if anyone else from the group has done it, they take a sip from their juice that they have to hold playing.
  • Twister – board game of 4 or less People
  • Uno – card game
  • Poker - card game
  • Ludo – board game for 4 or less
  • Chinese whisper – group of people sitting in a circle and whispers one line that is passed throughout the circle and can be spoken only once.
  • Killer- group of people sitting in a circle kills by a wink. The person appointed as “detective” needs to guess the killer


Bachelor party movies

Parties can also be enjoyed by a good movie that goes with the theme. Usually movies are preferred for after parties with food and drinks. Here are some movies that can be watched in a bachelor party and will also go with the theme

  • Bachelor party
  • Bachelor party 2- the last temptation
  • The wolf of wall Street
  • The hangover
  • Wedding crashers
  • The wedding date
  • The wedding ringer
  • Zindagi Na milegidobara
  • The best man
  • Siren
  • Sherlock Holmes – the game of Shadows


Bachelor party food ideas

What is a party without food right? In fact, food is actually one of the most important factor about a party as it helps the guests enjoy their time even better. Keep aside decoration and sports, food is what people will talk about! It’s important that the food you have in the party goes with the theme and the environment. Here are some easy to go food ideas that usually is preferred in bachelor parties.

  • Mushroom pies
  • Fried chicken
  • Chips
  • Potato salad
  • Wedges
  • Pizza
  • Hummus cups
  • Meatballs
  • Salted caramel apple pie
  • Peanut butter cookies
  • Sausage sticks with cheese
  • Hot dogs
  • Chicken cream sandwiches
  • Desserts – blueberry coolie, mango cheesecake, banana pie, ice creams
  • Drinks – fresh fruit juice, mojito, lattes and cold coffee, carbonated beverages


Bachelor party gift ideas

A party is never complete without gifts! The most exciting part for the host is unwrapping the gift session. There is a bunch of ideas and things that can be given to a person who is about to end their bachelorhood. Let’s check out the bachelor party gift ides

  • Gift card to the groom’s favourite restaurant
  • A branded watch or perfume
  • Coupons
  • Resort booking for weekend
  • Spa voucher
  • Marriage survival kit
  • Bachelor hats and shirts
  • Personalized mugs or plates
  • Engraved key chains withname on it
  • Personalized locket or bracelets
  • Photo frame with friends pictures


Parties are supposed to be enjoyed with people we love and enjoy our time with. It’s important that bachelor party has all of the groom’s loved ones and he is celebrating his last days of bachelorhood before he enters married life where everything changes. This must me a day to remember for him as this is the day he will talk about many years later with his friends.



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