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First aid for electric shock, snake bites, and burns.

First aid for electric shock, snake bites, and burns.
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The main topic of my writing is first aid. But you don't think I'm a doctor or my parents are doctors. In fact, 3 years ago today, when I was in the 2nd semester of Social Work, we were given a good idea of ​​this  first aid. It teaches us what to do in case of electric shock, snake bites, and burns. Anyway it was out of our subject but I didn't miss any of its classes and learned very attentively. But let us know what first aid is and what to do in case of electric shock, snake bites, and burns.


First aid


Accidents can happen all of a sudden in your work area or even on the road. It is the duty of a good citizen to stand by the people affected by this accident. But to do this you need to have sincerity and first aid ideas. First aid  is the treatment of an injured person before the doctor arrives and so that the condition does not deteriorate. There are some things you must keep in mind when giving first aid  to an injured person

1. What caused the person to be injured.
2. How much first aid he needs.
3. And quickly take refuge in a safe place.

Let's come, today I will discuss first aid in case of snakebite and fire if you play electric shock. As I said before, I am not a doctor, I will share with you exactly what I have learned. Let's try to know what is the first aid.

First aid for electric shock


Any person who comes in contact with an open wire that has an electric current gets electrocuted and causes a lot of damage. Which results in the person being injured or dying. And such incidents have come out a lot now. And the main reason these events are organized is negligence or carelessness.

What would you do if such an event took place in front of you? Yes, you can save the person who was involved in the accident with your present intellect by keeping your head cool without panicking at this time. To protect the electrified person, you must first locate the main switch and switch it off. If the main switch is not available, detach the person by pushing with a dry stick, or If you have any rubber gloves or shoes around you wear it then push and separate the person involved in the accident.

And one thing to keep in mind at this time is that when you are electrified with empty hands, you will not touch the person, if you do, it will electrify your body. At this time do not forget to give the following first aid or first aid, such as,

1. Artificial respiration should be continued until the affected person's breathing is normal.
2. Neck, chest and waist cloth should be loosened.
3. Emergency treatment should be given to the burnt area.
4. Neurological injuries should be treated, and Take the affected person to a doctor or hospital as soon as possible.

What will be the first aid if the snake bites?


Snakes do not actually prey on humans and they avoid human contact unless the snake is provoked for any reason or if the snake is not injured. Just as people are afraid of snakes, snakes are afraid of people. Without exception, Non-venomous snakes are not a threat to humans. Non-venomous snake bites are not harmful to humans, as their teeth are basically like gripping and holding something.

Symptoms of a venomous snake bite include vomiting, dizziness, swelling at the site of the bite, low blood pressure, double vision in the eyes, numbness of the neck muscles, tilting of the neck backward, and even from the cut marks, you can understand whether the bitten snake is poisonous or not. If tooth marks are seen about an inch apart at the site of the snake bite, sometimes the cut space is much clearer, If this is the case then you have to understand which poisonous snake has bitten.

1. The first thing to do is to find the place where the sting is and to stop the blood flow in his veins.

2. When a snake   bites the leg, first a bandage should be given in the middle of the thigh and then you have to put another bandage on the bottom of it, a little above the knee.

3) 30/35 minutes in a row, loosen the bonds for 30 seconds and tighten again. However, one thing to keep in mind at this time is that the ligaments stop the blood flow in the veins, not the arteries.

4. When breathing stops, Artificial respiration should be arranged.

5. Tea and coffee should be consumed to keep the patient warm. There is no way to rest.

6.The bite site should be cut to a depth of 3/4 '' inches with a sharp blade like a plus sign and then covered with potassium permanganate. However, if a snake bites any part of the body except the hands or feet, no place can be cut until you take it to the doctor. However, in this case, the above works can be done.

When burned in the fire What will be the first aid ?


The reaction is the same no matter how the fire burns. There is a lot of irritation in the place where the burn is done, the burnt place becomes red, blisters appear, as a result, the fibers in our body are damaged. At this time there is a severe headache. So if the injured person is given emergency first aid at this time, he feels much better. Be sure to give the following first aid to the person burned in the fire.

1. The patient should not be allowed to move too much. Therefore, it is necessary to make arrangements so that the patient cannot do more movement.

2. If the burnt cloth is stuck on the body, it cannot be removed and No blisters can be touched.

3. The wound should be covered with a completely sterile dry dressing.

4. If no dressing is available at hand, cover with a dry, clean, thin cloth.

5. If the amount of wound is small, keep pouring cold water.

6. If the blister then it should be tied in a very loose way.


We just tried to share our limited knowledge about first aid  with you.