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Wedding Idea : bells ring ,engagement,Shopping for the bride and groom,Daala exchange,Sangeet and Mehendi.

Wedding Idea : bells ring ,engagement,Shopping for the bride and groom,Daala exchange,Sangeet and Mehendi.
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Now that we are done with the engagement and bridal shower/ bachelor party planning ideas, let us get straight in to the main functions of the wedding. Wedding functions actually vary in different countries, different religions, cultures and traditions. But the most important thing is the happiness of the bride and groom and everyone tries their best to make their function to be one of a kind.


As mentioned earlier, wedding functions vary with different religions. If we talk about the wedding functions in western countries, here is the list that covers almost all the functions.


The proposal/ engagement


Either one of the groom or bride asks the person they love to marry them, this function is usually extremely private and is mainly focused on the bride or groom saying “yes” to the proposal as that is the main issue is not it? And when it comes to food, it is usually just the bride and groom having a romantic dinner. Beach proposals are really in trend nowadays and it honestly creates a very romantic environment. After the proposal comes the engagement.


Shopping for the bride and groom


Wedding shopping is a very big deal for all the family members and the bride or groom. Especially when it comes to the bride, she wants her outfits and jewelleries to be one of a kind. Many brides actually prefer shopping from abroad, so that there is no way her wedding outfits or jewelleries get common. Starting from Engagement till the wedding reception, every outfit is bought with patience, love and care so that the bride can make herself look rare and beautiful. Many Indian brands like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra are very famous for their bridal collections and even if it actually very expensive, brides don’t think twice on spending for their special day.

Back in the days, all the jewellery and accessories including the outfit was sent from the groom’s family and the bride did not have any say. But I’m present time, the bride likes to choose her own outfit and jewellery and she is given a the right to do so.

There are so many options and varieties of wedding jewellery designs and themes that it is confusing for many brides which one to choose. Here is our list of wedding jewellery themes and designs that can help you to pick up your style in your wedding!

  • Choker necklace – choker is a very well known style and it was very famous in medieval times but is now in trend for almost two years now. A heavy choker necklace with matching ear pieces and head piece with a beautiful nose ring or “noth” with a matching bindi will definitely fill your makeup and style and give you a traditional bridal look. There are many types of choker necklaces like the white band choker, the jadvi lachha choker, pearl choker, Persian choker. Choker necklaces look great with lehengas, sarees or Western gowns when layered with any other matching long necklace.
  • The Raani haar or Shita haar- The raani haar or Shita is a long necklace that usually reaches a height till the belly button. It gives a very royal feeling just because of its length. It looks really good if paired with a choker and a plain blouse, as the Raani haar itself makes a statement.
  • Navratan – a very unique yet well known necklace design is the Navratan that consists 9 different precious stones like ruby, emerald, diamond, sapphire and many more.
  • • Satlada- a very gorgeous yet light necklace is the Satkara necklace which is also similar to the Rani haar, but has seven layers of pearls or gems hanging or attached to each layer. The smaller one is called a panchlada with 5 layers and even smaller is the teenlada with only 3 layers. So here, brides get an option of matching the necklace with the rest of the neck pieces depending on her look.


Daala exchange ceremony

This particular ritual or ceremony is very traditional and includes family members or all age, especially elders. This usually takes place in Hindu and Muslim weddings, in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

This is tradition where the bride receives gifts from the groom’s family, gifts include wedding outfits, jewellery, makeup, heels, beauty products and skin care. Some people also send sweets and other snacks or their traditional food.

The groom also receives gifts from thw brides family, including the wedding outfit, body spray and shaving kits, maybe a wrist watch and also sweets and snacks. These are all packed up in different decorative baskets and the young siblings or cousins of the bride or groom carry the gifts all the way to the other house and deliver the gifts. They are usually welcomed in a grand way and taken really good care. They are fed with sweets and snacks and also receive personal gifts. This ceremony is called the “daala exchange” where “totto” or “shagun” is exchanged.




A very traditional wedding function usually celebrated in Hindu wedding ceremonies is Sangeet. It is more like a musical function where friends and relatives of the bride and groom perform in differentsongs to entertain the rest of the family members and guests. All the performances is usually dedicated to the bride and groom and their love story. The Sangeet hall consists of a stage or a huge empty area where the performances take place.the hall is decorated with bright colourful lights and flowers to make it as merry as possible. A very basic decoration consists a huge chandelier under which the stage is made. People actually keep a theme so that the dresses and the decoration match and it looks all perfect when comes together. Most people actually prefer Sangeet to be hosted outdoors so that everyone can have an open space to themselves. Usually the roof or a backyard is chosen but indoor sangeets are also just as fun if hosted properly. With the perfect combination of food and music, the ceremony is always fun and cheerful for everyone attending. Sangeet is usually celebrated in Asian countries specifically India where mostly Bollywood songs are used.




Another very well celebrated function is Mehendi. Mehendi is the art of henna on the bride’s and drives maid's hands, usually followed in the Hindu weddings but nowadays is very famous in Muslims as well. Many people also believe that the darker the henna colour on the hand of the bride is, the more her groom will love her. This is of course considered a myth but is still believed by the elders. Usually brides would go to the parlour and get her mehendi done there without any kind of arrangement, and it is still done by many brides. But most of the time, experts are called home and the entire family, relatives and friends sit together with the bride and get their henna done. It is a very small function including women only, usually celebrated at home with snacks and music. Decorations for the mehendi function are also very famous nowadays. Here is out list of Mehendi function decorations that might help you host Mehendi function with ease.

  • Colour themed decoration with matching stage and flowers
  • Bride's outfit and guests outfits matching with one another
  • Colourful lights and bright walls
  • Balloons and flowers combined together
  • DIY stage decorations and fairy lights


You can always use more lights and decorations of your choice and make your function one of kind! When it comes to a wedding, there is many more to come and the topic is never off the table!