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Thick White Discharge : What is , Causes and Things to do

Thick White Discharge : What is , Causes and Things to do
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Women suffer more physical problems than men. Being busy with family members does not give much importance to their problems. In addition, there are some diseases that most women hide. As a result, they are harmed in terms of health.

White discharge is one of the hidden diseases of women.

What is white discharge

Leukorrhea or white discharge is a special problem in women. Most discharges are lifestyle and physiological, requiring no treatment. 

White discharge with smell

But when the disease turns yellow or green, the smell starts coming from it.
if there are a lot of bloodstains, smelly, not of normal color, it should be taken seriously.


Normal discharge is usually thin and slightly sticky. It's a lot like a cold. Usually, the amount of white vaginal discharge ovulates and when the stress increases, the menstrual cycle varies.

Bedoura Sharmin, an obstetrician, and gynecologist at Central Hospital said white discharge could be a problem. But it is not right to hide it. This hidden problem can bring you terrible danger.

Thick white discharge like lotion.

Let's find out why women have white discharge. And what to do if this white discharge?

Why is the problem of white discharge?

1. The effect of good and evil of the mind must fall on the body. So stress can be one of the causes of white discharge.

2. Lack of adequate rest and nutrition can lead to white discharge problems. So in addition to rest, eat plenty of eggs, milk, fish, meat, green vegetables, and fruits.

3. If you are infected with worms, a large part of what you eat will go into the worms' stomach. Worm problems can cause white discharge.

4. If the clothes are unclean and kept in a damp environment, white discharge can be a problem. It is better to use dry clothes in the sun.

5. Taking birth control pills can also cause white discharge. If you have to take the pill, you must consult a doctor.

Things to do

There is no reason to be afraid of white discharge problem. See and understand what is excessive in your white discharge - excessive or normal. If you think the slightest problem. However, the advice of a doctor must be taken.


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