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How to relieve fatigue, Is fatigue a coronavirus symptom.

How to relieve fatigue, Is fatigue a coronavirus symptom.
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Whatever the situation, there is nothing wrong with fatigue. This is all the work of the house, the pressure of office work, living with constant uncertainty, and the ultimate monotony. All this is making many of us tired. Despite this, the thought is growing that this is just the fatigue of daily sins, or unknowingly attacked by COVID. Doctors say that there is no end to fatigue even in COVID.

Physician Katherine K. Salas said, “There is not something to fear COVID when you feel tired. Because if COVID hand is at the root of it, it must be accompanied by some other symptoms. Mild fever, maybe between 99-100 degrees, or a sore throat or dry cough or something else. There is nothing like this, just fatigue day after day, then there is no risk of COVID. Take a good rest. Eat nutritious food and follow the rules, fatigue will be reduced. On the off chance that that doesn't occur, it's an ideal opportunity to dump her and proceed onward. "


Eat the correct food at the perfect time


1. Eat on time. If you are on an empty stomach for a long time, your blood sugar level may drop and you may feel tired.

2. Drink a few sips of water every half an hour. At least two and a half to three liters should be eaten throughout the day. Fatigue can occur due to dehydration if you do not drink water properly.

3. Drinking more coffee and cola increases the risk of dehydration. Mood swings in a tired body are frequent. In the afternoon, drinking more tea and coffee reduces sleep. He may also feel tired because of that. So do not eat more than 2-3 cups of tea and coffee a day. If you have trouble sleeping, not in the afternoon, especially coffee.

4. Eat enough protein with every meal of the day. Eat eggs, milk, yogurt, fish, meat as well as vegetable protein in equal proportions. Such as pulses, gram, kidney beans, different types of nuts, beans, etc. It will reduce nutrition as well as fatigue. You will not be able to gain weight as you will fill your stomach with less food and your stomach will be full for a long time. Eating too much vegetable protein can cause stomach problems. If heartburn-indigestion but fatigue will increase.

5. Anemia is a major cause of fatigue. Eats iron-rich foods to prevent this danger. All non-vegetarian foods contain iron. Contains green vegetables. Eating lemon or vitamin C in rice leaves absorbs that iron well. Eating fruit salad after eating will do the same thing. Tea-coffee-cola inhibits iron absorption. So do not eat all this within an hour and a half of eating.

6. Magnesium deficiency can increase fatigue. To avoid this danger, eat bananas, nuts, gram, green vegetables by turning them around.

7. Eating too much sugar makes you feel temporarily refreshed as a lot of sugar gets into the blood in one go. But in the end it is a loss. Eating more sugary foods helps the body secrete more insulin to soothe it. Holding his hand, the body became the source of various diseases. In addition, in a few moments, the level of sugar drops sharply, which is called ' sugar crash'. Then you feel very tired. So the less sugar and sweets you eat, the better. It also improves immunity.

8. Eat enough vitamin C-rich fruits. Any fruit has it. Vitamin-c are more Amalaki, white, guava, lemon, and any sour fruit.

Live a controlled life

Fatigue comes more in irregular, messy life. So make it a habit to follow the rules. Wake up at a specific time toward the beginning of the day. Do light exercise. Exercise releases hormones that make the body feel good. Whose huge role in reducing fatigue. He is also unique in reducing stress and keeping the mind well. Try to sleep well along with it. Whatever you do that causes sleep loss, stay away from it.