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5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe from COVID-19

5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe from COVID-19
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Children are also being affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic. So they need special care at this time.

According to pediatricians, children need to develop the habit of wearing masks and washing their hands to keep them safe from COVID-19. And you have to disinfect yourself before touching the baby back home from outside.


In addition, some more rules must be followed. Here are the rules

  • Children do not know much about the spread of corona infection. So keep them away from other family members, especially the elderly.
  • When going out, children should make it a habit to wear masks and wash their hands.
  • If children are affected by covid-19, they should be kept in isolation in the hospital if necessary. Follow the doctor's advice at this time.
  • Family members must wear masks. In addition, follow other health rules.
  • Children need to develop  an awareness about Covid-19. They need to be informed about what Covid-19 is and why it happens. 
  • They have to inform them about hygiene.