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Neglect ear problems? Do you know how much damage you are doing?

Neglect ear problems? Do you know how much damage you are doing?
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As the saying goes 'If you pull the ear, the head comes'. Actually so. If left untreated, ear problems can be dangerous and can affect the brain at any time.



Just like that, everyone is capturing more and more mobiles or laptops by being trapped in the COVID-19 atmosphere at home.

Looking to find your own leisure in online chats, games or web series to cut down on mental fatigue. Earphones or headphones are worn all the time.

Virtual meetings, webinars are putting extra pressure on the ears all the time. In the case of children, online classes are also doing great harm, said Manik Pal, a doctor of medicine.


Many people are afraid to come to the doctor in COVID-19. It is because of this negligence that the ear problem is getting worse. Ear fungus infections may increase a bit during the rainy season, and headphones are on the rise, so consult a doctor if you have any minor problems, said Kalam Khan, a nose-ear-throat specialist.


Be careful about all that

  • Ear pain
  • Feeling pressure inside the ear or if the ear feels heavy
  • Ear swelling in children
  • Pus from the ears
  • Less hearing in the ears
  • Ear Tickle


In this context, Kamal Khan said, "When you get a cold, the runny nose goes to the ears and prevents the infection." Everyone from adults to children can get ear infections. There is a direct connection of the brain with the ear.

Sinus problems, allergies, mucus accumulation, these can also lead to ear infections. Infection can also come from headphones. "


Why the problem with headphones or earphones, what to take care of


  1. The continuous use of headphones is harmful.
  2. If someone who has an ear infection uses another person's headphones, it can also cause an infection.
  3. You have to take your earphones in a separate box in a bag or pocket. If you leave the earphones in the bag, it can harbor dust and bacteria. It easily enters the ear during ear piercing. As a result, the possibility of infection remains.
  4. Infections can spread from one ear to the other.
  5. The decreased hearing will also affect the balance of the body. Because the place to maintain the balance of the body is in the ears.
  6. If you have ear pain, you can take a light bath with a clean cloth on the advice of a doctor.
  7. When water gets into the ear, many people try to clean it by using a bud or by poking it with their fingers. But that should not be the case.
  8. Wipe off as much water as you can with a towel. The rest will come out just in time.



Manik Pal said, "If you have ear problems, many people often stab you with a bud, which is very harmful. If there is any infection, the rupture of the eardrum may occur. In that case, you may lose your hearing. Complications from ear problems can affect the brain. So if you feel some discomfort in the ear, you can't poke with your finger. You need to consult a doctor. "